How Do I Set Member Profile Fields?

You can gather as much or as little information from your members to meet your group’s needs. Adding custom details to your group’s required information section helps address other needs specific to your group, such as emergency contact info or T-shirt size that members need to provide.


Choose required profile fields

Potential new members of your group must fill these out before being able to join. Once completed, these basic fields make managing your group easier.

  1. On the left navigation bar, click Membership
  2. In the Joining Our Group section, select Member Profile Information
  3. Choose which Profile Fields new members are required to fill out from the list




Add custom fields to your group’s database

Unlimited custom fields can be added, allowing your group as much detailed personalization as needed.

  1. Click on Membership
  2. Select Custom Fields
  3. Click Add a Custom Field
  4. Fill in the required information




Note: Label is the name the field will be given. Type is the format in which the field will be populated by the member. Visibility indicates who can see the field, and if it is required before joining.


  1. Click Save
  • Repeat steps 3-5 to add additional custom fields
  1. Click Save & Close when you’re done with all custom field additions

The best time to ask for member details is when individuals are signing up as new members; this is the time they are most engaged. However, if you add a new custom field after a member has joined, you can send a profile update request to refresh information.

Customize the Join Process and Welcome Email for New Members

To give new members the best experience in joining your group, we consider it a best practice to customize the join process. That means using your organization’s logo in the join email and including a message that emphasizes the value of joining.


Customize the join process

  1. In the left navigation sidebar, click Membership
  2. In the Joining Our Group section, select Add Custom Content to New Member Pages



  • In this preview mode that displays what new members will see, admins can click to change the logo and add custom messaging. This is where you can include a hyperlink to your terms of service or privacy statement so that it is easily accessible and GDPR compliant.
  1. Click Preview Next Step



  1. Click default area to edit text
  2. Edit text and click Save


  • Repeat steps 3-5 until you reach the last page of the preview, which is the confirmation a member will receive upon completion of the online join process.
  1. On the last page in of the preview, disable default links or include a link of your choice on the confirmation page
  • By default, the following links are included on the confirmation message: home page (member dashboard), member’s profile, and the group’s profile page (group site on memberplanet). An admin can disable all three and include a custom message and link. 

Sample confirmation page in preview mode:


  1. When complete, click End Preview


Customize the automated welcome email

Admins can customize an automated welcome email to send to new members when they accept an invitation and join your group. We highly recommend that you take some time to customize this message to new members, because this is the first email they’ll receive after joining your organization! Some suggestions: Reiterate the value of being a member by listing member perks, detail the next steps one should take to get involved, sign it with your name to make it more personalized, and include contact info of the person they can reach out to if needed.

  1. On the left navigation sidebar, click Membership  
  2. Scroll down to the New Member Actions section
  3. Click Customize an Automatic Welcome Email for New Members




  1. Select the checkbox for Send a Welcome Email to New Members When They Join Your Group




  1. Customize the subject line and body of the email by hovering over the text box and clicking Edit
  2. Hit Save & Close




How to Set Up Additional Payments

You can collect one-time payments from members when they sign up for your group. These can be required or optional payments. These are unique payments and are not part of any of your group’s payment forms. For example, if you want to offer new members t-shirts at sign up you can use an additional payment to do so.

  1. On the left navigation sidebar, click Membership
  2. Select Additional New Member Payments



     3. Click on New Item


    4. Enter the details of the payment item



   5. Once complete click Save & Close

Turn On or Off Lapsed Payment Collection

Toggle on or off payment collection for lapsed members. This allows you to decide whether or not to collect missed payments for returning members.

  1. Click on Membership on the left navigation bar
  2. Select Missed Payment Collection in the Joining Our Group section
  3. Click on the dropdown menu to choose whether to enable or disable missed payment collection


  1. Click Save & Close

Glossary - Customize Your Membership Experience


Custom Field Label: the name of the newly created field.

Custom Field Type: the input format of the field to be populated by the member (e.g. checkbox,  dropdown menu, etc.).

Custom Field Visibility: indicates who can see the field, such as admins or all members, and whether or not the field is required before joining.

Members: the people in your organization who have the ability to log into your memberplanet group, and can engage with other members in your group.

Contacts: people you communicate with but are not members of your group. Contacts don’t have the ability to log in to the group and can’t engage with the memberplanet community. They can only receive information sent to them by a group admin.