How to Set Up a Broadcast Announcement

Wondering if your message is ideal for a Broadcast? Here are the top identifiers:

  • Your message is short - an announcement or reminder
  • Your message is primarily text - no pictures, attachments, or multiple links
  • You want to send the message through SMS text, email, or both


Before you can begin using the Broadcast tool you will need to complete Registration for this service


The major US mobile phone carriers have created a new regulation (A2P 10DLC) that has changed the way bulk text messages are sent. Due to these changes, you will now need to register your group to send out text messages. This will have a one-time registration fee of $50, and a maintenance cost of $15 per month. 

With this plan, you will receive a dedicated phone number to send your group texts from, and you will be able to request the area code for that number with your registration.


If you would like to proceed with the new text messaging system, please complete and submit a payment using the Text Messaging Registration Form. Once registration is completed, it can take up to two months your registration and marketing campaign to be approved by our third party texting provider.  Once approved, we will provide you with your dedicated texting number.


Note: If you need to purchase additional Broadcast credits, click here.

  1. On the left navigation bar, click Broadcast
  2. Select the New Broadcast button on the top right


  1. Enter a title

Note: This will appear as a subject line for email recipients. It will not be seen in the SMS text message format.

  1. Type your message  
  2. Next to When*, use the dropdown menu to specify a delivery time


Delivery options

In the Delivery section, both text and email are selected by default. Make sure to de-select either if you prefer one communication method. Broadcasts will always show up in a member’s news feed on the mobile app, even if you disable text or email announcements.


  1. Click Preview the Email to see how the Broadcast will look in email format.
  2. To continue, click Choose Recipients




Choose Broadcast Recipients

The Broadcast will be sent to all of your members who are valid recipients for the delivery method(s) you’ve selected.

Note: If you’re sending a Broadcast via text, only valid mobile numbers associated with a member’s profile can be used. If you have collected phone numbers through a form, but have not yet saved them to a member’s profile account, you will need to add them manually.

Select whom to send your message to by using one of the five options along the top of the screen.


Use a Smart List

Pro and Premium subscriptions


A Smart List is a distribution list populated by automated, system-generated dynamic queries based on member actions and statuses. For example, Smart Lists can be created based on a group’s member levels, or those who’ve RSVP’d to an event.

  1. Click the Select Members By dropdown menu and choose a category




  1. Choose a list of recipients from the list(s) that appears

Note: A Smart List based on email activity has the option to include members who clicked within or opened an email. If the list is based on donors, you’ll select from the options of donor amount, a specific giving level, or all donors. You will have the option to view members.

To save the Smart List for future use, select the Add this to My Saved Smart Lists checkbox and name your list.


Other options you have for selecting recipients

  • All members
  • Choose members
  • Choose a list (Please see Create a Distribution List for more information about this feature.)
  • Add new people (This option is to add people manually.)

Note: You may notice that the number of text recipients is not the same as email recipients. This could mean that you are missing mobile numbers or valid email addresses for some members. Members for whom you have BOTH mobile and email information will receive the Broadcast via email and text message.

  1. After you have chosen your recipients, click Next
  2. Review and confirm your message details, then click Confirm & Send


Use the mobile app to send a Broadcast

Sending a Broadcast through the mobile app is an easy way for admins to stay connected with their group on the go.  Please see Send a Broadcast on the Mobile App in the Mobile App section for more information.


How to Track Broadcasts

Admins can send Broadcast announcements via the mobile app or from the online platform, and members can reply via text message. Admins can track sent Broadcasts to see how many received it, opened it, and clicked your message. They can also see text message replies. Full tracking details for emailed and SMS Broadcasts, including who opened, clicked, and unsubscribed, are available on the Essentials, Pro, Premium and Enterprise subscription plans.


View text message replies

  1. On the left navigation bar, click Broadcast
  2. Select View Text Message Replies


You can filter by message, recipient name, mobile number, or by date.


View email tracking

  1. On the left navigation sidebar, click Broadcast
  2. Click on the gear icon of the Broadcast you would like to track
  3. Select View Recipients & Tracking in the dropdown menu


  1. Click View Tracking on the right side of the screen


View tracking immediately after sending a Broadcast

Admins can use this feature to check delivery status. After sending the message, you will be taken to the message summary page.

You can access the summary page at any time:

  1. On the left navigation bar, click Broadcast  
  2. Click on the title of the Broadcast you wish to manage


From there, use the links on the right to:

  • View tracking 
  • Copy Broadcast



If you have scheduled a Broadcast and it has not yet been sent, you will have these options:

  • Manage recipients
  • Copy Broadcast
  • Delete Broadcast



Full tracking is available on a paid subscription plan.



Glossary - Create a Broadcast Announcement with SMS Messaging


Broadcast: a short message that can be sent via email and/or text messaging. These message blasts do not include high-level design elements, custom buttons, or HTML functions. Admins have the option to send them using a custom mobile number.

Smart List: a distribution list populated by running dynamic queries based on member actions and statuses. For example, Smart Lists can be created based on a group’s member levels, or those who’ve RSVP’d to an event.