Expert tips for a successful Donation Sites

We get a lot of questions about Donation Sites - here are our best tips for getting results!

Use photos and videos. Images and videos capture people’s attention, and they help build a sense of personal connection for donors. People love to feel connected to charitable causes, give your donors something to get excited about!

Get social. The internet is an amazing fundraising tool – if you know how to leverage it. Social networks allow you to reach donors anywhere, for free. Begin by posting your donation site on your social networks, and ask your friends and family to share it on theirs as well. The more your site is shared, the more potential donors you will reach!

Get personal. You have your core circle of supporters. They are your friends, family, and colleagues. These VIPs are your most likely donors, so you need to treat them right! Create a thoughtful personal email to share with your personal circle. Explain why the campaign matters to you on a personal level, and ask them directly for a donation.

Offer giving options. Activate the recurring payment option so donors can pay in installments. This option will appeal to donors who are unable to contribute a lot up front, but want to commit a significant amount. Ongoing recurring payments will appeal to donors who want a more long term relationship with your cause.

Broadcast your progress. Be sure to activate the donor ticker and goal meter on your site. Your donors will get excited to see how their donation bumps you closer to your fundraising goals. The donor ticker is also a great way to get people to share your campaign on their social networks – they will be proud to see their name posted as a contributor!

Launch In December. December is a fabulous time to start an online donation sites. The average American donates around $2,500 per year to charity and 41% of those charitable donations are made in the last few weeks of the year.  More importantly, is saves you money! As a holiday gift, MP will process your first $250 for FREE during the month of December!

Log in into your MemberPlanet group here to create your Donation Site today! 

Attention users sending from Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, and Hotmail addresses...

As of April 2014, users listing an,, and email addresses for their MemberPlanet “from” address will not (technically!) be able to send email correspondence of any kind from their MemberPlanet account. This is the result of a policy change at Yahoo, Gmail, AOL and Hotmail designed to prevent spam coming from their addresses. This change applies to all 3rd party email service providers, not just MemberPlanet.

This policy applies to all email correspondence, including invitations and auto-responders you currently use on MemberPlanet.

Not to worry! On the back-end we will assign you an address to bypass this issue. This will mean your recipients will see your emails coming from [youraddress] instead of your personal address. However, their replies will be directed to your yahoo/gmail/aol/hotmail address.


You do not need to take any additional action or change course in any way.

If you'd like to send from a personal address, we suggests that you replace your @yahoo address in the “from” field to an address that is specific to you or your business ex: Having a unique email will better prevent servers from identifying your emails as spam. If you do this step we will not need to replace your from email with an address.

Blank name field on Payments Report

Why are the name fields blank on my registration form entries?


Registration forms are intended to sync with the pre-populated name field from the survey field bank. If you inserted a generic open response text line for users to fill their name in, it will not automatically populate the name column of your form response, and the name column will be blank. Save some trouble by using the pre-made name field for payment forms.

Credit Card Statements with MemberPlanet

Why does my Credit Card Statement say MemberPlanet?

If you are confused by a charge on your account listed to MemberPlanet, you may belong to a group that uses our services. Many Greek organizations, alumni groups, churches, schools and nonprofits use MemberPlanet to transact payments. In some cases, when a member makes a donation or pays dues to one of these groups his or her credit card statement will list the payment as being made to MemberPlanet.

If you have not recently made a donation, paid dues, or made a purchase to one of these groups, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Embed images in your Email, Survey, or Registration Form

Images, as well as other text features, can easily be incorporated in any rich text field. All email campaign fields are rich text, but you can insert rich text fields anywhere on a survey or registration field.  


Follow these steps to embed an image in a Rich Text field

  • Click the section of text in which you would like to insert an image.
  • On the formatting bar, the Add Image icon will be at the far right.
  • The icon will launch a popup.
  • Click Browse Server to pull a picture from your files.
  • If your picture comes from an online source, you can also enter its URL address.
  • Use the parameter options to customize your image to fit appropriately within your text field.

Additional Notes

In addition to inserting images, you can customize fonts and colors, add hyperlinks and more!

FAQ's for Parent's filling out Registration Packets

Welcome to MemberPlanet! These FAQ's will assist you as you fill out your child's online registration packet.


Do I have to log-in to fill out my forms?

No, you do not have to be signed in. However, there are advantages to setting up a free account with your school's group, including real-time announcements, a shared calendar and more. If you just want to register, all you need is the registration packet link. Please check your districts website or email us at to obtain the correct link.

*Remember, children attending different schools will have different packets!


Where do I register my child online?

Visit your districts website to obtain the link for your child's school packet. If you are unable to find it, email us at


I did not get an email notification...

Please check your spam or junk mail folders. If you are still unable to locate your confirmation please contact us at


How do I get a refund for my payments made?

Please contact your PTA board, as they are the administrators of the account. If you don't have their contact information, you may contact us at and we will gladly put you in touch.


I'm not getting emails from my school...

Contact a representative of your PTA to be added to the distribution list. If you don't know what person's contact info, please reach out to us at


How will charges made using MemberPlanet Packets appear on my credit card/banking statement?

The recipient on your statements will depend on the type of card you use.

  • Visa/Mastercard - MP(followed by first 21 letters of the group's name)
  • Discover - MemberPlanet
  • American Express - MemberPlanet

If you have any additional questions regarding how to fill out your child's registration packet, please contact us at

MemberPlanet for PTA

MemberPlanet is excited to be a communications partner of The PTA!

Here are a few ways MemberPlanet can help make your position on the PTA board easier this year:


Treasurer/Financial Secretary

  • Be able to collect online donations, PTA memberships, spirit wear, or events. Our automatic accounting will give you real-time stats on all financials, funds transfers, and payment information.

President/Vice Presidents

  • Create registration forms and surveys for upcoming events and data collection
  • Collect online PTA membership information and payments online
  • Manage and connect with your volunteers with Email Newsletters
  • Maintain a group calendar for the PTA


  • Upload and curate photo albums from events, log volunteer hours with a simple survey


  • Manage elections simply with an online survey form


Have questions about how to complete your duties on MemberPlanet? Our support site is available 24 hrs a day, and our support staff is available at Don't hesitate to reach out!

More information about Uploading Photos

Here you can find information on the image features of memberplanet.


Recommended image dimensions

  • Group logo 250 x 250 px
  • Group Site banner 900 x 390 px
  • Email banner 600 x 100 px
  • Email body 580 px wide
  • Donation Site banner 900 x 390 px
  • Form banner 900 x 150 px
  • Packet banner 900 x 200 px
  • Event banner 900 x 390 px
  • Join group customization 850 px wide
  • Invitations 540 px wide
  • Membership Reminders 520 px wide



Drag-and-Drop Image Uploader

The drag-and-drop image uploader allows you to quickly upload your image(s) to memberplanet while providing you with size recommendations to ensure your images fit. You have the option to drag and drop an image or search for the image in your files.

Notice the image uploader only recommends width, not height. This is because your banner images have to be a certain width, but they can be almost any height. However, we have included height in our recommended image dimensions list above for optimal image sizing.


Insert “Banner” images into your email without using the Banner Image Uploader

Banner images are always set to be justified to the left. If you would like to center an email banner image, especially one that is less than 600 px wide, you can do so in the text editor. Just set your preferred text alignment, then embed the image into the top of the text portion of the email. Skip the banner portion of the form, making the body of the email the top of your email campaign.

Here are the steps to embed images into the text editor

  • Click the section of text in which you would like to insert an image.
  • On the formatting bar, the Add Image icon is the first blue button on the left.
  • The icon will launch a popup.
  • Drag and drop your image or click choose a file to pull a picture from your files.
  • Click upload
  • Resize your image to fit within your text field (580 px wide or less is recommended).
  • Click Resize
  • Click Use this image


Inserting transparent/PNG images

Transparent or PNG images can be used in the text editor. Banner images require JPEG format images.


Don't copy/paste images

When uploading photos to the text editor, always use the add image icon from the text editor bar. Images that have been copy/pasted to the body of the email won't show up for some email viewers