All New Membership Database!


We’ve revamped our member database to make it easier than ever to manage and grow your roster. Filter by member type, status, easily view member details, record member notes, customize your group invitations and more.

Explore the new member database. Here’s how:

Log on to MemberPlanet

Click "Members" on the main navigation menu


Easy filters and navigation

Name & Email Filter

Search for a member using first name, last name or email. Or simply filter the list to “Members” or “Contacts” using the dropdown menu.

Type & Status Filter

If you’ve assigned members into “types” or "you will be able to generate a filtered list by selecting a type from the “Type & Status" tab.

We’ve also added a “Member Status” dropdown that allows you to filter by membership standing.

Gear Icon Shortcuts

Use the gear icons (located on the right hand side of member list) to quickly resend an invitation, remove the member from the group or view member details.

Comprehensive Member Details Page

You can now click a member’s name to see their member file. This is where you can view and log key details for individual members.


Find contact information, custom fields (these are the additional questions you added to your membership form, if applicable), as well as any additional info that your member chose to fill in to his/her profile.

Use the “edit” option to remove field, or manually enter information to any field.

*Members can also edit this info themselves by logging in to their Me Page. If you know you’ll need specific information that is not currently listed, you should consider adding it to your new member application (making that field mandatory). For existing members, you can always send an email asking them to log on to their personal page where they can fill the specified information in themselves. Once you’ve added new custom fields to your membership form the field will now appear (blank) on current members’ personal pages.


This totally new section shows a comprehensive view of all your member’s activity. View their payment history, the lists they are included in, their event history, the emails and texts they received, their Quickpay history and their survey response history.

Use the + symbol to expand the section you’d like to explore.


This new section allows you to keep consolidated records on your members. This is a great way to keep several group leaders in the loop by streamlining the documentation process for various events, concerns etc regarding an individual member.

Simply type a note in the comment box and click save. All notes are viewable to all group leaders, but they are not viewable to the member.


Send Custom Invitations

You are now able to customize the subject line and body text of your group invitations. Any time you opt to send (or re-send) invitations to your group you will be taken to the invitation customization page. Hover over the Subject line and body text boxes to access the edit option.

Customize the body text with font, color, links, images and more using the rich text editor.


More features coming soon!

We are in the process of testing additional features to take our database to the next level. Sign up here for our announcement about the next big enhancement! 



Donation Site Builder


Our new donation sites have rolled out and are ready for you to start using. Not only do they have a new look and feel, but there are so many new additions! You can now fully customize your site's page and connect photo albums, videos and share it with even more social media sites! The builder has been also been updated so you can complete it in 5 easy steps!

New to Donation Sites? You are missing out! They are a great way to raise money for a cause, a fundraiser, or even a project!

Get started with our tutorial by clicking here.


New Feature Undo/Redo Buttons within Email Editor

Hey MemberPlanet Team!

We have a great new update for you when it comes to editing emails. 

Our new email editor now has undo and redo buttons. This will speed up the editing process and will take away any worries of making a mistake!

New to Emails? You are missing out! They are a great way to communicate with your group and get the word out! 


To learn how to start creating an email Click Here 


New Feature: Group Texting

Hi MemberPlanet Team!

We recently added a phenomenal new feature: Group Texting! Seriously, we cannot believe we didn’t have it before. Being able to contact your entire group, instantaneously, where they are SURE to receive the message, is a fantastic way to get the word out fast.

MemberPlanet group texting assigns you a number (with your area code), and sends up to 200 simultaneous texts for free! Unlike using your personal device, recipients will not be in a confusing group thread, and you will not be bombarded with responses on your personal mobile device.

To learn how to get started Click Here

New Feature: Updated Email Builder



Hey MemberPlanet Family!

You may have noticed that the email builder looks a little – okay, a LOT – different. We have been listening to your suggestions, and we made some changes we hope you’ll love. In addition to beautiful new templates and social sharing options, we now make it easier than ever to create professional looking emails.

New to Emails? You are missing out! They are a great way to connect with your members on a regular basis.

Get started with a tutorial on the support site Click Here


New User Interface


We are excited to announce we've undergone some big changes! We think you are going to love them as much as we do. Our glossy new user interface that is as simple as is it elegant.

But don’t be fooled by the sleek finish. Our breezy navigation may be user-friendly, but our features just got a whole lot more fierce. In addition to the massively improved Email Campaign and Form builders, we now offer Group Texting and Event Creation. Our new admin pages make it simple to juggle data - and to snoop on who isn't opening their emails, shame on them!

As always, it is our goal to make our site as easy to use as possible, so we've really beefed up our support site. It now includes more articles and guides than ever before, plus, an all-new library of video tutorials! We want you to get the most out of the cool new features, and this site shows you how.

If you haven’t logged on recently, you might want to take a seat before Clicking Here to check it out!


The MP Mobile App is finally here!


To download it for iPhone Click here

To download it for Android Click Here

Now your group members can view and manage everything you send - right from their mobile device.

The app streamlines everything from your MP account on one simple mobile interface. When your members download the app they will have a simple place to check for all the updates, reminders and action items you send.


News Feed
The news feed feature shows the latest updates from the group leader. Whether it is a new survey, payment form, donation campaign, email or event, all your MP business will be organized and saliently visible on the home screen. Each item can be opened, viewed, and shared socially. You can even make payments on the go with your credit card! You can also filter the feed to show just photo albums, or just upcoming events.

Make Payments on the go!
Pay dues, register your child for school, or donate to your local PTA! The simple card scanner lets you make payments anywhere, anytime.

Request Payments
if you are a group leader, you can use the card scanner to accept payments right on your phone! Accept dues payments or signups at your next meeting!
Favorites Feed
If you are a member of multiple groups, like a church, school, PTA, homeowners association etc, it can be difficult to keep track of it all. The MP app allows you to combine all or some of your groups in a single feed or calendar, so you can see everything in one place. You can always view each group separately, but the Favorites feed gives you the option of seeing everything together. You can choose which of your groups to include in "Favorites" under your app settings.

Get Reminders
The icons int he upper right (see photo) are your notification icons. When you see red numbers appear, you know you have a pending announcement or action item. When you respond to an item, it will disappear from your notifications. This feature is great for back-to-school season when you are filling out important forms left and right.

You juggle a lot - MP wants to make it easier! The History feature (found in the main menu) keeps track of all of your past actions on MemberPlanet. You can always check here to see if you paid your dues, registered for an event or submitted a survey response.

Your group is already optimized for the mobile app, but there are steps you can take to look even better on the mobile platform. Check out these quick tips from our team to get App-Ready! - See more here!