Table Of Contents

Group Site and Branding

  1. Edit Your Group Site
  2. Glossary - Group Site and Branding

Edit Your Group Site

  1. On the left navigation bar, select Group Site
  2. Click on the section you wish to edit


  1. Click on the Edit icon, or select Hide to remove that section from view


  1. Follow the resulting instructions, such as locating your photo albums to add, or completing the social media details to add social links to your site. 



Note: The Group Site does not support HTML editing.


Best practices for building your Group Site

  • Add social media links for your group to improve visibility across social platforms.
  • Add the Join Group button to activate one-click access for potential new members. This is most useful if your group is public, and your group site is shared or linked elsewhere.
  • Add photos of your group, from group and related events. This helps add life and personality to your group.
  • Select the Privacy option for your group. Choose to make it public or private depending on your group needs and aim.


Glossary - Group Site and Branding


Group Site: the all-in-one interface for your group and landing page for all your members.