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Send a Broadcast from the Mobile App

  1. Use the Mobile App to Send a Broadcast
  2. Glossary - Send a Broadcast from the Mobile App

Use the Mobile App to Send a Broadcast

Sending a Broadcast through the mobile app is an easy way for admins to stay connected with their group on the go.

Learn more about Broadcast announcements.

Download the app on iTunes App Store or Google Play.  

  1. Select the menu icon in the upper left side of the screen


  1.  Click Send Broadcasts


  1. Tap Send a New Broadcast
  2. On the next screen, you can fill in all the details to create and send a Broadcast:
  • Select recipients in the To field. Choose a list or specific people, then tap Save. (Learn how to create a distribution list.)
  • Type your title, then click Done.
  • Select when you would like to send your Broadcast in the When field, then click Save.

Note: If you schedule your Broadcast for later, it will be sent based on your group’s time zone.

  • How would you like to send it? Broadcasts are set up by default to send as an email and text message. Tap Email or Mobile Device to deselect either message.


  1. When you are finished creating your Broadcast, tap Send
  • You can view messages that are sent or scheduled in their respective tabs.


Glossary - Send a Broadcast from the Mobile App


Broadcast: a short message that can be sent via email and/or text messaging. These message blasts do not include high-level design elements, custom buttons, or HTML functions. Admins have the option to send them using a custom mobile number.