How to Create a Participation Tracker

You or your organization must be on an Enterprise plan to utilize this feature.

Many organizations wish to track volunteer hours, study hours, or participation in some way, which could translate into points. Attendance can also be tracked by linking a tracker to an event. There are several pre-built tracker templates that reflect these most commonly tracked items made available for your convenience. The participation tracker dashboard is where you can set up new trackers, add member participation or approve member participation requests, as well as monitor the status of ongoing trackers. 

Admins have two options for creating a new tracker:

Create a tracker using one of our existing templates

Create a tracker from scratch


How to create a tracker using an existing template

  1. In the left navigation sidebar, click on Participation Tracker to get to the dashboard
  2. Click Add Tracker


  1. Select one of the pre-built templates


  1. You’ll receive a success message upon completion


     5. Your new tracker will appear in your dashboard and is ready for you to record participation. You can also edit any of its prefilled information by clicking on the more option (three dots) and selecting Edit


How to create a tracker from scratch

  1. In the left navigation sidebar, click on Tracker to get to the dashboard
  2. Click on Add Tracker in the upper right corner or on the empty track box marker with an addition symbol


     3. From the tracker menu select Create From Scratch


     4. Enter a name for the new tracker and what format you’re tracking, such as credits, hours, or points

  • You can choose to track anything - whatever you type in will be reflected in your tracker reports.



5. Click Save to complete the process


How to Add or Edit Member Participation to an Existing Tracker

Enterprise plan

Admins can add or edit the participation to any existing tracker. There are a few conditions to add participation: A tracker must already be created in order to add member participation it, and the person you wish to add participation for must be a member of your organization.

Learn more:

How to Create a Participation Tracker

How to Add Members


To add participation:

  1. In the left navigation sidebar, click on Participation Tracker to get to the dashboard
  2. Click on Add Participation in the upper right corner



  1. Search for the member you’re adding participation for by typing in the member's name, then select the person from the results populated
  • You will need to type in at least two characters to populate results.
  1. From the dropdown menu, select the tracker you wish to add participation to
  2. Enter the participation value
  3. Add any related notes you wish to attach to this member’s participation
  4. Click Save to complete the process


  • You will receive a confirmation that your changes have been saved successfully, and the member's participation value will be reflected immediately.



To edit or remove member participation:

  1. Click on the tracker you wish to edit member participation for
  2. Hover over the member's row you want and click View



  1. Select View beside the hours you want to edit


  1. Enter the new value and any related notes and click Add to complete the process
  • If you want to remove participation just adjust the value to zero



How to Edit or Delete a Participation Tracker

Enterprise plan

Admins can change the name of a participation tracker or delete it entirely.

  1. In the left navigation sidebar, click on Participation Tracker to get to the dashboard
  2. Click on the three dots (the icon for more options) in the bottom right corner of the participation tracker you want to edit



  1. Select Edit or Delete
  • If you choose to delete the tracker, you will be prompted to confirm the deletion

Note: If you delete a tracker with data in it you will also delete the data

  1. If you selected Edit, you can make changes to the name of the tracker and what you are tracking, then click Save



How to View the Data in a Tracker

Enterprise plan

Admins can view the data of a particular tracker at any time. Each participation tracker includes the member’s name and group ID number, the participation value earned for that tracker, and who awarded or added the participation.

  1. In the left navigation sidebar, click on Participation Tracker to get to the dashboard
  2. Click on any active tracker to view the data logged for it
  3. Hover over a row and click View to see participation details for that member


  • Tracker details default to member data. if you want to view tracking data for a linked event, click the dropdown beside the tracker name and select Events. 


  1. Admins can add hours while viewing a member’s participation details for a tracker by clicking Add Hours and entering participation information

Glossary - Participation Tracker

Tracker: A way for groups to track various type of participation within their group, such as tracking volunteer hours, or event attendance.