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Refunds and Returned Payments

  1. Enterprise Clients: How to Issue a Refund

Enterprise Clients: How to Issue a Refund

Partnership and Enterprise clients are able to issue full or partial refunds from their admin dashboard. If this feature is enabled on your account, follow the steps below:

  1. On the left navigation bar, click Reports
  • A list of transactions within your group will be listed, which you can sort by date or filter using the Quick Filter menu at the top.
  1. Select the person you're issuing a refund to


  1. On the payment details screen, click Issue a Refund
  2. Add any refund notes
  3. Select the method of refund and click Submit


Note: This feature must be enabled for you to continue

If you are an Enterprise client and this option is not yet activated on your account, please contact to request that it be added.