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Collect Payments on the Mobile App

  1. How to Collect a Payment on the Mobile App

How to Collect a Payment on the Mobile App

The mobile app can be used to collect payments on Donation Sites, Event Sites, and other payment forms. It can help your group raise money for a cause or collect funds in an easy and efficient way.


Download the app on iTunes App Store or Google Play.


  1. Select the menu icon in the upper left side of the screen


  1. Tap Collect Payments


  1. Select the group for which you are collecting funds
  2. Tap the payment item you would like to collect for, such as a form, Donation Site, or general payment


  1. Select whether the customer is a Member or Not a Member


  • If customer is a member, select that person from the list. You can also search via name or email.
  • If customer is not a member, fill in customer details: first name, last name, email, and click Next.
  1. Enter the amount, then click Next


  1. Scan or enter credit card details, then select Process Payment



An email confirmation will be sent to the customer.


Note: The mobile app allows admins to collect credit card payments without any extra hardware, however, the scan feature currently only works with credit card numbers that are printed on the front of the card. (If you are collecting a payment with the credit card number printed on the back of the card, you must enter in the numbers manually.) Use the camera of any iPhone or Android smartphone to read the information directly from a credit card. Scanning the credit card will not save the photo to your device.



Security is enforced on multiple levels. Only group admins with specific permissions have access to the Collect Payment function, and the payment information is transmitted securely via SSL, encrypted and tokenized on the memberplanet servers.