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Set Up and Edit Recurring and Installment Payments

  1. How to View Installment Payments and Schedule

How to View Installment Payments and Schedule

An installment payment plan is a recurring payment that gives members flexibility to make larger purchases without having to pay for them up front. Admins can only view and cancel active installment plans. Only members can set up and change their installment plans.

To view all members currently on installment plans:

  1. Click on Reports on the left-hand navigation bar
  2.  Select the Installments tabinstallmetns_1.png

To view an individual member's installment schedule:

  1. Locate on the member you want to view
  2. Click the gear icon beside their name
  3. Select View Details


To stop a member's installment plan:

  1. Locate the member from the list
  2. Click on the gear icon beside their name
  3. Select Stop Recurring to cease the installment plan