How Do I View Reports for All Group Transactions?

Admins can view reports for all group transactions or separate reports that break down types of payments.

View the all payments report (all group transactions)

View the transfers report (all fund transfers)

View membership payments (payments made by members only)


View the All Payments report

  1. Hover over Reports along the left-hand navigation bar
  2. Click on All Payments

This will take you to the default All Payments view. It is set to the default date range of Any Time, which means you're viewing all payments made to your group since it joined memberplanet. all_payments_new_1.png


Note: The total dollar amounts that are listed in the bottom right of the report represent complete totals for the date range selected, not page totals.


The All Payments report default setting is Activity in My Group, which will isolate your group’s records. If you have child groups, such as clubs or chapters, this setting will not display those records. To view all records, including activity in your child groups, select Activity in My Organization.

activity in my organization view


You can click on an individual record within the report to view a pop-out with the payment details. From there, you can issue a refund or add notes directly within the report.

payment detail pop-out


You can also view the payment schedule and paid installment or recurring payment details for those members on installment and recurring plans from within an individual's record.



To select and view a different report, click on the All dropdown menu.



The different reports you can view are:

Fees & Returns: See what fees and returns your group has processed and for whom.

Recurring: See what members have recurring payments and view payment details.

Installment: See what members are using installment payments and view remaining installments for each. Learn more: Set Up or Edit Recurring and Installment Payments.

Transfers: View all fund transfers in one place such as donations, dues, etc.

Failed: View a report of payments that have failed to process for any transaction. 


To adjust the date range of the report, click on the Any Time dropdown menu.



To filter the data within the report, click on the Quick Filters dropdown menu.




To change the columns that are included in the report, click on the Choose Columns dropdown menu.


You can rearrange the order of the columns to create the best view for you by clicking on the column header and dragging it to its new position in the report. When you're in position to drop the column you're dragging, a plus sign will appear.



When viewing all payments, your selection of columns and column order adjustments will automatically be saved. After selecting/deselecting columns from the Choose Columns dropdown menu or re-ordering columns, a message will briefly appear at the bottom of your browser as a confirmation that your settings have been saved. The next time you view the All Payments report, your saved column settings will apply.



To make it easier to view the information you need you can lock a column in place by clicking on the more options icon (three vertical dots) in the column header and selecting Lock.



Locked columns shift to the left-hand side of the report and are shaded. This will help keep a specific column in view as you are scrolling through data across other columns.



To export and download an Excel file of the report, click on the download icon.

Note: Your download will only include data for the date range of your search results if you'd like to download the complete report history since account creation remove the date range.

all<img style=


To view the former Payments report, use the following steps:

  1. Click Reports on the left navigation bar
  2. Click on the former report link in the upper right corner of the page

Note: You can always go back to view the former Payments report by clicking the Go Back to Former Report link at the top of the updated report page.


  • You’ll be taken to the default reports view, which is the Payments tab. From this view, you can also access the other reporting tabs: Fees & Returns, Transfers, Recurring, Installments, and Failed.
  1. Filter results by choosing the dates of the payment you wish to view


  • You can also filter by service to view only payment forms, only QuickPays, only donations, etc.
  1. You can further customize the data that is displayed by clicking the Choose Columns button
  2. Export to Excel by clicking on the Export Table tab

Note: The payments report shows all payments received for your group. The Source column indicates the method of the payment. This is a great way to filter payments received with multiple payment forms, donation campaigns, and QuickPays set up within your group.


View the transfers report 

Direct deposit transfers take the hassle out of fund transfers. Our transfer report allows group admins to track all fund transfers in one place, instead of viewing individual bank transfers. When your group collects payments like donations, dues, or sales, memberplanet holds the funds until the transfer period comes to a close. Depending on which transfer option the group leader has selected, memberplanet will disburse the fund balance into the group bank account each week, month, quarter, or year.

  1. Click Reports on the left navigation bar
  • You’ll be taken to the All Payments report.
  1. Click on the All dropdown menu
  2. Select Transfers from the submenu


  1. To adjust the date range of the report, click on the Any Time dropdown menu
  2. Customize the data by clicking the Choose Columns dropdown menu


View membership payments  

You might receive payments from members and non-members, however, there may be times when you only want to view membership payments, or the payment history of a specific member. 

  1. Click Reports on the left navigation bar
  2. Click on the Quick Filters dropdown menu
  3. Select the Membership box to view membership payments



For all payment history for a specific member:

  1. Click Reports on the left navigation bar
  2. Select All Payments in the submenu
  3. Use the date fields to specify the time frame you are searching
  4. Use the search bar to find member by name or email

Glossary - View Reports for All Group Transactions


QuickPay: invoicing to collect and manage payments from members.